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Robust Recruitment and Marketing Process

VirtuesoftAt Virtuesoft, our dedicated recruiters are industry experts who are able to explain the specifics of each position and determine the best fit for you based on the requirements for our client projects across a variety of sectors. Since we pride ourselves on our long-term client relationships, we recognize that finding the best fit results in a mutually beneficial, collaborative partnership between you, Virtuesoft, and our client's in-house team. We're very careful whom we hire because we make a long-term commitment to our team members as well, through competitive benefits, a culture of innovation and balance, and training and development opportunities.

Our Hiring Process consists of three basic steps:

  • Pre-screening through initial interviews, taking into account your career goals and our clients' project requirements.
  • Client interviews, where the hiring team conducts the interviews and manages the client-side hiring process. We also manage all of the required documentation, working with you and the client side contacts.
  • Our on-boarding process consists of a reference check, and background check in some cases.

Throughout the process we provide continuous support, managing training and development opportunities, and, as needed, transition support for the next assignment once the initial client project is complete.

The process begins with you. When you're ready to explore great opportunities with the Virtuesoft, browse our openings and then submit your resume online.

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