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Virtue Soft's Flagship Product

Virtue Soft's Flagship product, VELOX is unique architectural approach to IP telephony delivers unmatched reliability, scalability and manageability, plus a user interface that sets the standard for ease-of-use.

Velox PBX is simple, robust, and scalable and it is very easy to maintain the system, even remotely. Velox's browser-based management interface, allows IT administrators to access the system from anywhere on the network or outside the network. Through the browser, every site and feature can be managed, including voice mail, automated attendant and desktop applications.

When a new user is added, an administrator simply clicks add new and enters the user's name; this automatically updates the centralized database and voice switches, and it also creates a new mailbox for the user. The automated attendant dial-by-name and number feature and online directories are updated also all in just a few seconds.

Centralized PBX System
All the employees are on a centralized phone and voice mail system, using 4-digit dialing to reach employees at any office location, even when they're working from home.

Full Featured Fax Gateway
With Velox Unified messaging System, a single number can be used as FAX & Voice Lines. The System listens the incoming dial tone and sends the faxes to the fax messaging system, which will deliver the fax in PDF format to the user-mailbox. The user can use the outlook to send the fax to any number, just by touch of a button.

Virtual Office
Velox's, Virtual Office add-on allows employees to choose the device they work from - for instance, a cell phone or home phone and that device assumes the identity and capabilities of his or her regular office extension. For example, the caller-ID information provided when the employee makes a call will reflect their office number instead of the mobile or home-office phone actually being used. Office Anywhere also enables seamless participation in workgroups, hunt groups, and contact centers, and it provides customer's with a cost-effective method of pulling in remote and home office workers.

Outlook Integration
VELOX PBX fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook for directory dialing, contact screen pops, and calendar integration.

Virtue Soft CMS Integration
Velox when fully integrated with Virtue Soft CMS, employees can quickly type in a name, bring up a number, and make their calls from local online directories all with the click of a mouse, right from the desktop.

Virtue Soft EMS and Email Integration
With VELOX e-mail integration module, employees centrally manage their e-mail and voice mail activity. Voice mail messages are stored in the industry standard WAV Audio for Windows format, allowing users to play them on multimedia PCs, attach them to e-mail messages or embed them in other documents. Velox PBX is fully inter-operable with Virtue Group's Enterprise Management System, (A complete email anti-virus, anti-spam, internet filter Gateway).

Call Tracking/Monitoring
The ability of the Velox PBX to track customer phone calls, export and distribute voice mails files, and keep a running history of calls into each number is helpful in continually monitoring and improving customer service.

Standard Features:

  • IVR (Fully Customizable Interactive Voice Response System with Voice Recognition)
  • Full Featured Tele-Conferencing Server
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer (Seamlessly Transfer Calls between Offices with a touch of a button)
  • Call Forward (Forward the calls to another telephone or you Cell Phone)
  • Call Forward on Busy (Forward calls to Attendant When Busy on the Phone)
  • Call Forward on Un-Available (Forward The calls only when not available at the Desk)
  • Remote Voicemail (Remotely Access the voicemail)
  • Do not Disturb (Directly Send all the phones to personal Voice Mail)
  • Call Blasting (Send Calls to multiple People Automatically)
  • Fax-To-Email (Automatically Detect the incoming call and receive the Fax in your Email as PDF)
  • Call Hunting