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If you're a small to medium sized business seeking to increase efficiency and better integrate all of the business processes within your organization, ProBIZ, offered by Virtue Group, may be the ideal solution for you.

ProBIZ is an affordable system of integrated modules that allows you to improve your company's performance across the board by managing processes more effectively. ProBIZ connects people, processes, and information in a way that helps decision makers understand the big picture and make informed decisions.

How ProBIZ Facilitates Growth and Efficiency

ProBIZ integrates customized modules for your business contacts, inventory and warehouse management, human resources management, project management, and proposals in an adaptable, user-friendly format specifically designed for small and medium sized business enterprises. It's fully scalable, ready to grow and change as you achieve higher levels of business growth. Its reporting capabilities allow you to stay on top of KPIs and metrics in real time, sharing information with others in the organization through reliable multi-user access.

ProBIZ also stores transactions and offers an ideal combination of a solid technical foundation, functionality, and the ability to adapt. Virtue Soft can customize and integrate ProBIZ into your existing business processes, regardless of complexity - allowing you to reap the rewards of this new technology from day one. Special features include:

  • 360o Customer View stores your customer data all in one place so that every employee can get a complete picture before making a sales call or closing a deal. This feature is invaluable because it captures everything relevant about the customer relationship so that anyone using the data has a complete history of the relationship.
  • Real-time Business Data @ Your Service is a feature we designed to ensure that data is available to every employee when and where they need it. Data duplication can be costly and breeds inaccuracy. Streamline this function and you'll enhance productivity immediately.
  • Role-based Security Settings allow restrictions to be set based on organizational hierarchy, with multi-level access control.

Perhaps the best feature of ProBIZ is its low cost of ownership. Don't waste money on applications for every department and spend time trying to locate and synchronize data. ProBIZ is a web-based solution, eliminating the need for expensive software, and offering a secure way to generate cost savings, effective immediately.

Other smart features of ProBIZ include:

  • ProBIZ provides users with one view of customers as well as prospects.
  • ProBIZ keeps all your data updated, accurate, and immediately available.
  • ProBIZ has a single point of administration for authorized users.
  • ProBIZ encourages self-sufficiency by giving employees access to their own time and attendance information.
  • ProBIZ eliminates paper and fax paper by transmitting documents electronically - reducing cost and environmental impacts.
  • ProBIZ has internal site management systems and generates site reports, saving time.
  • ProBIZ has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which Virtue Soft will customize just for you.
  • ProBIZ facilitates more efficient, effective communication between internal stakeholders and departments.

To learn more about how a custom ProBIZ installation can transform your business, generating cost savings and efficiency, contact us. We're happy to provide an estimate and assessment at no cost or obligation to you.