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Looking for a next-generation VOIP system for your company's telephone interface - Virtue Soft has the solution. Our flagship product, Velox, is a proprietary solution that is easy to use, and delivers the latest in scalability with the best reliability ratings on the market.

Velox is has a browser-based interface, allowing the system to be managed by IT administrators from any other place on the network, or even outside the network. The browser allows access to every feature and site, including desktop applications, automated attendants, and voicemail.

Among the sophisticated features Velox offers are:

  • Centralized PBX System. All employees in an organization are part of a centralized phone and voicemail system, reachable using 4-digit dialing regardless of whether they are in the office or working from home.
  • Unified Messaging System is a robust fax gateway that automatically recognizes a signal and sends faxes to a messaging system that will then deliver the fax in .pdf form to the recipient's mailbox.
  • Virtual Office is an optional addition to Velox that allows each employee to choose the device they will use to work. No matter which phone line or device they choose, the caller ID will be their office extension.
  • Office Anywhere enables workgroups, hunt groups, and contact centers to join together cost-effectively for collaboration, whether they are in the office or working remotely.
  • Outlook Integration allows directory dialing, contact screens, and calendars to function seamlessly with the Velox system, making installation easy.
  • Call Tracking and Monitoring. Meeting your customer service continuous process improvement goals is easy with Velox, thanks to its ability to track customer phone calls, export and distribute voicemail files, and save call history for later analysis.

Fully Compatible with CMS and EMS

Velox also connects intuitively with Virtue Soft's CMS and EMS installations, whether they are done simultaneously or one at a time.

Combining Velox with Virtue Soft CMS allows staff to use their desktop to quickly locate a name and number and make calls from local online directories with just a few clicks.

Velox is also completely compatible with Virtue Soft's EMS. When used together, employees can manage their email and voicemail activity within the context of their spam-free, anti-virus, filtering EMS mailboxes.

Other Features of Velox

Velox comes standard with a variety of features designed to streamline telephone operations with an easy-to-use interface that will generate cost savings and increase productivity the first day you use it.

Additional standard features include:

  • Customizable interactive voice response system with vocal recognition
  • Teleconferencing ability
  • Call waiting, call transfer, and call forwarding
  • Automatic call forwarding when the attendant or employee is busy or unavailable
  • Remote-access voicemail
  • Do not disturb function
  • Call blasting and call hunting

Ready for a Better Phone System?

Contact us to learn more about Velox and how it will integrate into your existing IT systems and processes. We know you'll be thrilled with the results!